Dwarven Ruin:


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# of Zones 2
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 12
Bandits, Chaurus, Dwarven Automatons, Falmer
Console Location Code(s)
Raldbthar01, Raldbthar02, RaldbtharExterior01, RaldbtharExterior02, RaldbtharExterior03, RaldbtharExterior04
The Pale
West-southwest of Windhelm

Northeast of Fellglow Keep
Special Features
# of Tanning Racks 1
# of Workbenches 2
# of Cooking Pots/Spits 1
Ore Veins
# of Moonstone 1
# of Silver 1

Raldbthar is a Dwarven ruin located in the mountains west-southwest of Windhelm, between Lake Yorgrim and the White River. It contains two interior zones: Raldbthar and Raldbthar Deep Market. It is inhabited by bandits, Dwarven automatons, and Falmer.

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A small group of leveled bandits has set up camp outside the main entrance to Raldbthar, and will attack on sight. It is possible to jump up to the upper portion of the ruins, where you can find a silver ore vein behind a tree, an alcove containing an expert-locked Dwarven chest and minor loot, a locked enclosure that, once unlocked from the inside, allows access to a Dwemer lift that will take you straight down to Raldbthar Deep Market, and a moonstone ore vein just up the hill from the lift.

Zone 1: Raldbthar

The first section of this zone is inhabited by a large group of bandits, who have cleared out the few Dwarven automatons that guarded the entrance area. The bandits are led by Alain Dufont (if you do not yet have the quest Mourning Never Comes active, see notes below before killing him). Dufont carries the unique, enchanted warhammer Aegisbane. Sneaking around to the left of the cookfire and through a leveled-locked gate will allow you to fire two Dwemer ballistae at the group of bandits around the fire, possibly also igniting the oil slick that has pooled around them, making that fight significantly easier. The shelves and tables around the bandits' cookfire contain quite a bit of valuable loot, including a copy of the Sneak skill book 2920, Last Seed, v8. There is also loot behind a locked gate underneath the ballista gantry.

The deeper portions of this zone are still guarded by several leveled Dwarven spiders and Dwarven spheres, a few of which will pop out of the Dwarven scuttles that abound in this section. Watch for several oil slicks that can be used to damage your foes, as well as a double spinning blade trap. A lift at the end of this zone will take you down to the Deep Market.

Zone 2: Raldbthar Deep Market

The lift down to Raldbthar Deep Market drops you off at the top of a short stairwell protected by another spinning blade trap. At the bottom on the right is a Novice level safe. It then opens up into a large, multi-level chamber inhabited by Falmer and a pair of their captive skeevers. Access to the next area is gained by climbing the ramps up to the highest level then down the ramp to the left, and pressing a blue, glowing button on the table next to a Falmer tent, dropping a bridge across a gap between towers and opening the way to a large set of double doors. Beware the Dwemer ballista trap at the top of a flight of stairs just beyond these doors. It can result in enormous amounts of damage, but alert explorers can spot the pressure plate trigger and avoid it. Just past these stairs is another trap; this one a slicer also triggered by an obvious pressure plate. Watch out for Dwarven spiders and spheres emerging from more Dwarven scuttles in the next corridor leading to another set of large, double doors.

The next corridor beyond the doorway contains a closed portcullis, and a platform set with four blue buttons. Pushing the first button on the left will trigger a set of flamethrower traps, while the button third from the left will lower the portcullis.

The next area is a large chamber inhabited by four leveled Falmer, with a locked pen housing two chaurus and three Dwarven treasure chests. The bridge in this chamber can be lowered by removing bones or scraps from four jammed gears. One is located in the water under the bridge (sometimes this scrap is on the ground below instead of in the gear; interact with the scrap as you normally would). Another bone is under the gear on your right as you enter the room. The remaining two are in the far corners of the room. After removing the bones, go onto the platform and press the button to lower the bridge. Once lowered, the bridge releases a leveled Dwarven centurion. There is a large Dwarven chest next to the centurion's gantry that contains leveled loot.

The final chamber in this zone is inhabited by two leveled Dwarven spiders, and contains a set of double doors which close off a Dwarven lift that allows a quick exit out to Skyrim. The Aetherium Shard for Lost to the Ages is in this area.

If you have an attunement sphere in your inventory, activating the Dwarven mechanism in the center of the room will reveal a staircase. Following this staircase down leads to a short corridor ending at a set of double doors that let out into Blackreach. An expert-locked gate along this corridor protects two Dwemer treasure chests containing leveled loot.


  • Alain Dufont is present even if Mourning Never Comes is not active. This can cause problems for people trying to complete the optional objective for that quest since it makes it very easy to kill him ahead of time, resulting in the optional objective not being available.
    • You can kill all of the bandits in this area, even the ones sitting next to him around the campfire, and he will not turn hostile. However, if you get too close to him, he will tell you "I don't know how you made it this far, but you'll go no farther." and attack. If this happens, simply run as far away from him as you can and enter sneak mode. He will quickly lose sight of you and stop being hostile, allowing you to walk past him and continue on deeper into Raldbthar.
  • One of the bandits near Alain carries the Irkngthand Consortium Key, which doesn't open anything.


  • If you return to the Deep Market after completing it once, the bridge may be up again. It's possible no bones will be in the gears, leaving no way to get the bridge down again. If the bones are there, you may not be able to interact with them properly (even if you dislodge them with a weapon, the gears won't turn).
    • Pc22.pngUse the console command tcl to float across the gap and through the raised drawbridge.
    • Go to the end of the platform while the bridge is still up and use the Whirlwind Sprint shout to cross the gap to the raised bridge. You will be on a ledge right in front of the closed bridge. At this point, you can use the clipping glitch to pass through raised bridge. Once through, kill the Dwarven Centurion and you can continue as normal.[verification needed — Does the clipping glitch work here?]
    • If you return to Raldbthar during the quest Lost to the Ages, the bones will have been replaced in the gears and you will be able to interact with them normally, allowing you to progress through the dungeon.